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Overview and Specifications:

Linen series, soft to the touch, all kinds of patterns on the
cushions, all designed independently, the crafts are exquisite printing, never

Letter pattern, personality and shape, always have your

In the process of cotton and linen production, green, natural
and environmentally friendly, healthy, from planting to hand-woven into finished
products, without the use of pesticides and chemical dyes, textiles do not
contain methanol, azo and other chemical harmful substances, is the most
suitable personal textiles for the human body. Its physical properties have
anti-static, anti-mite and anti-itch pH value is weakly acidic, no irritation to
the skin, in line with environmental and health requirements.

[weight]: 0.08kg

[Fabric]: linen hug pillowcase

[composition]: 1 cushion cover

[Size]: 45*45cm (hand-sewn, so different product batch sizes
may have an error of about 1cm, which is normal)

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