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Overview and Specifications:

1: Simple design, light and compact, no wiring, easy to

2:36 music is adjustable, and the volume level can be adjusted
at will,

3: The wireless signal is stable and the transmission distance
is long,

4. Sensitive and error-free rate, plug and play,

5. Switching power supply can be plugged in for a long time, no
safety hazard, IC voltage regulation scheme with insurance, to prevent heat
burning machine,

6. The standard configuration is one for two, suitable for two
floors or front and rear doors,

7. Usage: The transmitter is equipped with a battery, attached
to the door with double-sided tape, the receiver is inserted into the home
socket, and the music and volume are adjusted to be used,

Product Name: Wireless Doorbell

color: White

Size: Transmitter 48x78mm, Receiver 76x80mm

Plug: US regulations, European regulations

Specifications: one for two (1 transmitter + 2 receivers)

Waterproof rating: transmitter waterproof rating IP44

Working temperature: -30 ° CC to +70 ° C

Operating frequency: 433.92MHz ± 75KHz

Receiver voltage: 100-260V/50-60Hz (wide voltage)

Transmitter battery: 12V23A mercury-free environmentally
friendly battery

Product certification: FCC, CE, ROSH, appearance patent,

Ringtones: 36 optional, learning code, DIY

Volume: 0-100 decibels. 4 levels adjustable

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