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Overview and Specifications:

3D printing technology: layer by layer printing, restore the true appearance of the moon
-Charging port and switch integration: simple, beautiful, practical, easy to operate
– Warm and soft LED lights: remote control or touch the metal ring to switch colors and turn off the lights
-Safe and environmentally friendly material Polylactic acid PLA material, degradable material, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, healthy and environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly materials

Product Name: 3D Print Moon Light

Material color: ivory white

Product material: edible degradable PLA (non-toxic and non-polluting material)

Light model: imported LED lamp beads

Production process: 3D printing

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity: 500 mAh

Life time: 6-10 hours

Power output: USB-DC2.5

Product power: 1W

Rated voltage: 110~220V

Surface accuracy: 12.5um

Lighting wattage: 0.1W~1.5W

Product voltage: 3.7V

Charging time: 1-2 hours

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