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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Type: Face-lifting bandage Size: 10cm
Model Number: 0910 False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
Material: Other

1: Does not harm the skin. It won\'t hurt the skin because it is too tight. It is very silky cotton fabric for the skin. It is breathable and not deformed. It can still be worn in summer.

2: Designed for women\'s face-lifting, and using far-infrared powder fusion super-elastic fiber, the heat stimulates fat deeply, can quickly burn fat and promote facial skin circulation, the effect will not disappear due to washing, and use stereo cutting,
Fully from the forehead to the chin

3: All-round lifting facial design, go to masseter, go to double chin, go to baby fat

Name: Face-lifting bandage
Color as shown
Efficacy: lifting shape, face-lifting

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