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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: 8*8*8cm Weight (g): 0.8KG
Model Number: A012-Y02 Communication: 3/8 Screw,1/4 Screw
Bundle: Bundle 1 Package: Yes
Type: Single Handgrip

Time setting range: 120 minutes (note that the running speed is
fixed, 1 lap 2 hours)

Set direction: clockwise

Running direction: counterclockwise

Adapter screw: UNC1/4"

Mounting screw hole: UNC3/8"

Carrying weight: up to 2KG (can carry SLR, such as video with
adjustable quick release plate to adjust the center of gravity, such as Midas
LP-01 fine-tuning long quick release plate)

End point reminder duration: ≥ 5 seconds


Mini, ultra-portable, can be carried in your pocket.

Precise, metal housing, metal components for load-bearing

360 degree arbitrary angle adjustment, automatic rotation.

It has a 3/8 screw hole under the universal 1/4 screw for easy
attachment to a tripod.

The small piece has great wisdom, simple operation and

The distribution conversion screw supports multiple 360TL
superimposed acceleration rotations.

Suitable for SLR, small camera, micro-single and other small
cameras, GOPRO sports camera, IPhone, Android and other smart phones are also
very suitable.

Material: aluminum alloy

Time setting range: 120 minutes (two specifications)

Set direction: clockwise

Running direction: counterclockwise

Adapter screw: universal 1/4, screw hole

Bearing weight: up to 3.5 kg

End reminder duration: gt,3 seconds

The mechanical rotary pan/tilt is based on the clockwork
principle and does not require a battery.

The speed of operation is fixed, running in 120 minutes

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