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G3220 Balance charger is one of the Li Battery balance charger which is easy to use and convenience to mobile. It can support to charge the 2S or 3S LiPo & LiFe (A123). G3220 Balance charger has excellent performance of balance circuit and advanced charger mode, meantime.
If the input voltage is more than 18V or lower than 10V, the charging process  will beterminated to protect the charger from being damaged.
Reverse polarity protection between input and output.
Short circuit protection and over current protection and over voltage  protection
Input voltage auto-adjust function: when input voltage is lower than 12V, the  charger will reset the current to avoid power supply's breakage.
3 LED display currently charging current.
3 green LED display each cell in balancing, bright LED means balancing, un- bright means end of balance.
3 green LED bright all, means the balance and charging are finished, then  please disenable the connecting line from the balance charger.
Builted in high speed balance module
Item name: G3220 Lipo/Life Balance Charger
Input voltage: DC10-18V
Battery type: LiPo/LiFe(A123)
Battery cells: 2-3S (can only charge one battery each time)
Charger current: 0.5, 1.2A, 2.0A 
Balance precision: <10mV
Voltage precision for full charged: 4.20V ±0.02V
Size: 78mm x 50mm x 20mm
 Operating steps for G3220 balance charger:
Preparing for power adapter or storage battery which matches with this  balance charger (voltage: 11-16V, current: >=2.0A), then Connect the power  supply to balance charger.
 Select the type of battery LiPo or LiFe.
Select the charging current.
 Connect the 2S or 3S (LiPo or LiFe battery pack) to the balance charger G3220  to start charging.
 3 green LED bright all, means the balance and charging are finished, then pls  disenable the connecting line from the balance charger G3220.
Note:1. Prohibit to connect 2S and 3S together to charge at the same time.
        2.Do not allow metal wires or other conductive material into the G3220  balance charger.

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