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Overview and Specifications:

1. Induction method: human body infrared sensor

2. Induction control: built-in light sensor (photosensitive resistor)

3. Sensing distance: within 3-5 meters

4. Sensing angle: within 120 degrees

5. LED life: 80,000 hours or more

6. LED power: 0.8W

7. Light color: Dawn

8. Delay time: 15 seconds (automatically turn off the light after 15 seconds after sensing the human body infrared light in the sensing range)

9. Lamp operating temperature: -10~50°C

10. Scope: Suitable for bedrooms, baby rooms, wardrobes, wardrobes, cabinets, hallways, workshops, basements, garages, stairs, oil warehouses, roofs, doors, garage entrances and other places

Smart, energy efficient and convenient. LED induction night light

[product name]: human body induction lamp

[Light source]: LED light source

[Color temperature]: Warm white 2700-3200K

[lamp power]: 0.4W

[Induction distance]: within 3 meters

Induction angle: 120 degrees on the front

[Input voltage]: DC4.5V (3 batteries of No. 7) Not included

[product switch]: light control + human body induction.

The light is soft, and when people come, they will leave the delay and turn off automatically for about 20 seconds.

[product material]: ABS+PC

[Packaging material]: environmentally friendly kraft paper box + opp bag

[Products]: children’s room, aisle, bedroom, bathroom, living room, wardrobe, cabinet, etc.

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