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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Nail Width: 1 Nail Length: 1
Quantity: 24pcs Size: 1
Model Number: F Type: Full Nail Tips
Application: Toe Material: Other

1: Imported raw materials are used, imported toner is carefully prepared, and the thickness of the product is well-proportioned.
2: Imported toner fines, the product is well-proportioned, and the toughness is very good. It is used by the majority of nail users.
3: 24 pieces of nails in a box is a person\'s quantity. Considering the difference of each fingernail, choose 10 pieces of your own.

Nail paste method
1. Put the whole nail on the curve of the nail heel to compare and determine how to correct the full patch.
2. Take the grind and grind all the pieces until they match your nails.
3. Put the glue in the middle of the root, do not drop more, generally 1 drop
4. Before the glue is dry, stick the nail piece from the root, and stick it while adjusting the position. Remember not to top the nail base.
5. Use a cotton swab dipped in some nail polish to gently wipe off the glue around the nail.

Nail removal method
Method 1. Apply a proper amount of cotton soaked in nail remover to the nails. Do not expose the nails. Wrap them in plastic wrap and wait for about 15 minutes to remove them. The fake nails will melt and wipe off them~!
Method 2. There is a folk removal method that puts the nails in warm water and softens them. It can be picked off after softening! However, this method has not been used. If you are interested, please tell the peaches how to do it.
Method 3. It is recommended to use this method: use the debonding agent to remove the nails, find a container and pour out a part, put the fingers inside, soak the fake nails, and then use the remaining part to clean up your nails. Glue does not harm your nails and skin, but it will dilute fake nails.)

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