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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 24pcs Size: 150*92*24mm
Material: Non-latex Model Number: 5555

1. Selected high-quality hydrophilic non-latex, delicate and elastic, exquisite workmanship, comfortable skin multiplication during use
2. Tensile, comfortable and more compliant, with good elasticity and feel, it is more comfortable to wear on the skin, and the makeup is natural and comfortable.

3. It becomes bigger when it meets water

Name: 24 small triangle puffs
Color: as shown (random delivery)
Specifications: 24 / bag
Material: hydrophilic non-latex
Size: 150*92*24 (mm)
Packing: OPP bag transparent packaging
Product function: It can easily apply the parts that are not easy to apply on the face, and the touch is delicate and comfortable.

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