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Overview and Specifications:

Product introduction: Seeding box is used for seeding, which is convenient for centralized management, saves time and effort, and is very convenient to operate. The transparent cover can protect the skin from moisturizing and moisturizing. It does not need to use plastic wrap (not only the operation is troublesome, but also the seedlings affect the normal growth of the seedlings). At the same time, the growth process of the seedlings can be clearly seen, and multiple stacks can be used to save space.

After sowing, you can cover the transparent cover, because the water evaporation is less, generally no watering is needed for one week. After the seeds are germinated, the transparent cover should be opened in time to enhance ventilation and reduce humidity, which is beneficial to the disease prevention and disease resistance of the seedlings.
Product Name: 24-piece seedling three-piece set (cover. Plug. bottom basin)
Overall size: 24 hole size: length * width * height 365mm * 230mm * 110mm

Hole size: length, width, depth, 5*5*5cm, weight 193 g

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