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Overview and Specifications:

High quality wax dyes are suitable for wax and paraffin based. The dyed soy candle is completely dissolved, there is no clot in the candle block, and the dye is evenly dyed.

– Soy Wax Dyes: We offer high quality solid candle dyes for wax and paraffin based. These dye sheets are used for candles, no clots, and the time the candle surface does not peel off or discolor.

– Candle Dyes: The candle variety includes 24 packs of 2g. Candle dye beads for the temperature at which the candle mold dissolves between 1

– Color: as shown.
Material: wax.
– Size: 1x1x1cm.
– Soy Wax Usage: A 1 lb. candle body is fully colored requiring only 0.02-0.06 ounces of candle wax dye. This amount of wax beans will be enough to make the candle vibrant and solid.

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