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Overview and Specifications:

1: Modern and simple LED light panel light with a color rendering index of up to 95, which restores natural light and gives you a comfortable visual environment.

2: plastic face ring thick plastic, anti-rust and anti-color, long-lasting, plastic diffuser plastic mask, high light transmittance, good color rendering, light color is not irritating, smooth surface.

3: LED light guide plate has high luminous efficiency, uniform light color, high brightness, long life, low energy consumption, soft light color

4: Suitable for kitchen, living room, balcony, bedroom, bathroom

Product Name: Square Free Hole Panel Light

Product size: 230*230*20MM

Product material: plastic face ring + aluminum shell bottom + light guide plate + diffuser plate

Product power: 8W

Product voltage: AC185-245V

Color temperature color: positive white light 6000-6500K, warm white light 3000-3500K

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