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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 20

1: Hemostasis and protection for superficial small trauma

2: Cute colors and patterns have a strong appeal to

3: A total of 20PCS band-aid per box, beautiful small iron box
packaging, can be used to hold other small items after use.

Band-aid material: PE

Specifications: 20 pieces / box

Packing iron box pattern color random

Band-aid size: 72mm*19mm

[Usage] Clean the wound and dry it. Stick the wound on the
wound along the welt. It is recommended to change it daily.

【Precautions】 If it is sensitive or uncomfortable after use,
please stop using it. If necessary, seek medical advice immediately. Do not use
if the package is unpacked or damaged.

[Storage method] Store in a cool dry place.

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