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Overview and Specifications:

Use range:

Mothballs are suitable for storing cotton, wool, chemical fiber
and other clothing, leather products, book files and warehouse storage items,
preventing clothing and storage items, and deodorizing the bathroom.


Put each piece of this product in a separate paper and put it
in the closet. You can also put a few holes in the outer bag of this product
into the desired place.

Validity period: After the product has evaporated

Tip: This product is packed in bags, the single inside the bag
is not individually packaged!


1, applied to clothing, leather, books, etc. mold, anti-mite,

2, room, bathroom deodorization

3, does not pollute clothing, economical and durable.


1, this product does not eat, away from children, usually
should be placed in a high place.

2. Store in a place away from food and tableware.

3. Do not store or use with other insect repellents.

4. Ingestion and medical treatment.

5, sunscreen, storage under normal temperature conditions

Product: Mothballs

Material: pure camphor, spices

color: White

Weight: 20g

Size: 11*8.3cm after packaging

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