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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 838 Product Type: Temperature Humidity Meters
Material: Plastic Thermometer Use: Other
Thermometer Type: Digital

1 Portable and lightweight, this allows you to take it wherever
you want to go. It can be easily loaded into suitcases, backpacks, wallets and

2 Humidifier can purify the air, increase the moisture content
in the air, improve the air quality, and provide you with a good living and
working environment.

3 USB charging without the need to convert the plug, it can be
plugged into a USB power source, such as a power bank, laptop or wall adapter
with included cable.

4 Anti-dry, the humidifier will automatically stop spraying
after 2 hours of normal operation to prevent it from burning out. If you want to
continue using it, you should restart it.

5 Humidifier adopts ultrasonic technology, no radiation, no
noise, absolutely safe and reliable

6 with night light function

Instructions for use:

1. Press the first switch and spray.

2. Press the second switch, spray + night light.

3. Press the switch again to turn it off.

4. This cycle.

5. Anti-dry, use 2 hours, the machine automatically shuts down,
you can re-open and restart.

Material: ABS+PP+Silicone

Water cup capacity: 200mL

Spray amount: 40mL/h±10ml

Working current: ≤400mA

Working voltage: DC5V

Power: ≤ 2W

Product size: 76X76X146MM

Weight: 230g

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