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Overview and Specifications:

This product is a Bluetooth device that combines usb receiving and transmitting. It is easy to operate and can send and receive all audio signals freely.    
Through the Bluetooth reception mode of the product, the music in the mobile phone can be transmitted to the traditional home audio equipment;more conveniently through

the product Bluetooth transmitting mode, you can make TV, CD player, MP3, computer or other audio source to the Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones, because the

product with low latency technology, So it also supports the real-time transmission of online games, TV and movie sounds.    
Bluetooth specification:Blutooth v4.2    
Bluetooth protocol:A2DP,AVRCP    
Support decoding format:MP3/WAV/WMA/APE/FLAC    
Connection distance:<10m    
Supported Systems: IOS,Android,Windows    
How to use:    
TX Mode: put it in USB port of your TV/Computer/Laptop, the red light flash(if blue light flash, try again) then paired with the Bluetooth-enabled headphones/speakers,

till the red light stop flashing.      
RX Mode: put it in USB port of your home car stereo/speaker, connect them by 3.5mm aux jack, the blue light flash(if red light flash, try again),then paired with your

smartphone till the blue light stop flashing

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