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Overview and Specifications:

1. Use new high-efficiency white LED technology: high
efficiency, power saving, long life, energy saving, environmental protection,
explosion-proof, cold lighting, suitable for various places.

2. It adopts advanced human body thermal infrared detection and
sensing technology, which is highly sensitive, anti-interference and fast in

3. People come to light, people go out of the light: Optimized
inductive control design, can achieve people to light, automatic delay to

4. Built-in light sensing device, automatic recognition of day
and night state, automatic standby during the day, night induction light.

5. User-friendly design, exquisite appearance, stylish
ultra-thin, aluminum alloy casing.

6. Reasonable structural design, clever concealed fixing, no
screws required for installation.

1, using 6 high-brightness SMD LEDs

2, use USB lithium battery to charge, no need to replace the
battery, more convenient to use

3, rechargeable battery capacity: 500 mAh

Machine operating current: 180 mA

4, use 20 times a day, each time for 15 seconds, can be used
continuously for about 2 months before charging

5, LED life: more than 30,000 hours, LED brightness: 150lm or

6, sensing sensitive distance: up to 3 meters, sensitive
sensitivity angle: 60 degrees horizontally, vertical 30 degrees

7, product size: 150X30X12mm (length X width X height),

8, three-speed switch:

“ON” is always on, and there is no sensing function at this

“OFF” is off

“AUTO” file is the sensing state (this time with human body and
light control double sensing)

9, product working environment temperature: 0 ° C -40 ° C

10, working environment humidity: 5% -93%


1. This lamp has built-in light-sensitive components, so it may
not work in daytime environment, users can adjust the working mode according to
their needs.

2, this lamp has built-in lithium battery, USB charging,
charging time is generally less than 2 hours, the charging status shows red
indicator light, full status shows green indicator light.

4. The working environment temperature must be between -5 °C
and 40 °C. If this temperature range is exceeded, false triggering may occur, or
battery power consumption may increase.

5. This lamp is not waterproof. Do not place it in an
environment such as rain, severe humidity, or obvious light changes.

6. Do not place the sensor light in the window, where the
temperature or light changes significantly, otherwise it may cause

Sixth, the scope of application

Doorway, attic, darkroom, basement, garage, cellar, bar
counter, wardrobe, cupboard, cupboard, bookcase, hotel closet, safe, tent, car
luggage compartment, trunk and more.

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