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Overview and Specifications:

1. Product configuration: 10pcs diamond grinding disc + 2 3mm connecting rods.
2. Saw blade outer diameter: 20mm.
3. Internal aperture of the saw blade: 3mm.
4. Connecting rod diameter: 3mm.
5. Saw blade thickness: 0.6mm.
6. Maximum speed: 30000rmp.
7. Material: Emery.
8. Product function: With electric grinder, it can be used for grinding and cutting the surface of the object, and it has a wide range of application.
9. Product Features: This set contains 10pcs diamond saw blade with 2 3mm rods. The knife face is plated with diamond, and the cutting is sharp and does not drop the sand. Can cut a variety of metals, gems, jade, jade, etc.

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