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Overview and Specifications:

Easy to Plug In and Take Out – New connectors make plugging in the battery and pulling it out super easy. No need to pull or connect any cables.
Precise Battery Level Indication – On the original Phantom, battery levels used to be estimated by measuring voltage. As the motor spins, voltage drops making these estimates inaccurate.
Integrated Battery Level Checker – 4 bright LED's built into the battery module display the battery level, can be viewed and monitored during close flying.
Easy to Recharge – All balancing and protection circuits are integrated inside the battery, making charging as simple as connecting the battery to the charger.
Safer than Ever – Short protection and large current protection are all integrated into the battery.
Increased Battery Life – In the past, if a battery is dropped it may stop working. The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery's frame protects the cells, keeping batteries safe.
Item type: Li-po battery
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 5600mAh
Continuous discharge rate: 10C
Suitable for Phantom 2,Phantom 2 Vision,Phantom 2 Vision

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