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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 3M-1701CN

1: Used with 3M 1211 dust mask to effectively filter particles
such as dust, coal dust, construction dust and pollen,

2: Used for powder protection caused by ore, metal smelting,
grinding and chemical operations,

3: University electrostatic filter cotton, low respiratory
resistance, large filter cotton area, filtration rate of 90%, in line with KN90

4. 3M quality assurance, 10 pieces per pack.

Product: 3M 1701CN particulate filter cotton (used with 3M 1211
dust mask)

Material: cotton

color: White

Specifications: 10pcs / package

Uses: Used for the protection of non-oily particles such as
dust, pollen, industrial dust, cement dust, smog, microorganisms, etc.

Use occasions:

1. Place of residence. Urban pollution, automobile exhaust,
smog, dust.

2. workplace. Workshop, construction site, pesticide spraying,
interior decoration, electric welding.

3. Special occasions for industrial use

Filter cotton replacement standard: According to the
environment and personal use, when the filter cotton is stained, damaged, or the
user feels that the respiratory resistance is significantly increased, it needs
to be replaced in time. No specific time is allowed.

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