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Overview and Specifications:

1. This product is made of aluminum alloy and iron.
2. Light source: Neutral White / Red+ Blue alternate flashing mode.SMD LED lamp beads.
3. There are 4 gears, 3 gears in white and 1 flashing alternately in red and blue.
4. This light is astigmatic, and the irradiation distance is about 8~10 meters.Alternate red and blue modes serve as warning lights.
5. The battery box can hold 6 18650 batteries, but only one can be driven arbitrarily.The more batteries, the longer the hours.
6. Power: 100W, 2400LM.
7. This product has the function of charging. When the battery power is used up, it can be charged by the self-equipped power adapter.
8. Power adapter: input 100-240v 50/60hz.
9. Used for outdoor camping in the evening, beach fun, emergency power supply and lighting, etc.
10. The product can rotate up and down/around 360 degrees.
11. Caution: the LED has a strong brightness, so it is not appropriate to look directly at the eyes to avoid eye injury.

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