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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Heat Preservation Duration: 8-10 Hours Specification: 1-20 Pieces
Application: Body

1. In the cold season, put on the hot stickers, bring you warmth, no need to wear thick clothes, so that you keep the beautiful and charming secrets in winter,

2. Multiple effects: fever, warmth, soothing pain, clearing body cold, relieving dysmenorrhea, preventing arthritis, warming the nest,

3. 10pcs/bag, you can use it with your family, or as a small gift, give it to friends, colleagues, sisters,

Material: viscose, non-woven fabric, chemical composition (iron powder, water, activated carbon, water-absorbent resin, vermiculite, salt)

Fever time: about 10 hours

Maximum temperature: 63 ° C

Average temperature: 53 ° C

Color as shown

Quantity: One pack of 10pcs

Size: 11.5*14.5cm

Weight: single 40g


The vacuum package of the heating paste is opened along the cutting inlet, and the backing paper is removed to make it contact with the air to generate heat. Then stick it on the outside of the coat and flatten it by hand. Can be applied to the shoulders, back, waist, stomach and related joints of the human body.


This product is a product that converts chemical energy into heat energy for the purpose of self-use oxidation reaction.

Cannot be directly attached to the skin

Don\'t be embarrassed, you will break the inner layer of the temperature-controlled breathable membrane, which will cause the risk of falling.

Please do not use it while sleeping, to prevent burns

Children, elderly people, who can not take care of themselves should be used under the care

If you accidentally come into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice. Immediately induce vomiting and seek medical attention after eating.

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